Collagen Health Benefits

Collagen: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits

Collagen is the biggest protein in the body and it consists of 16 types of complex molecules that provide structure and support in your system. About one-third of the protein composition in the body is made up of collagen. This molecule serves as a foundation for the skin, joints, organs, and blood vessels among many others.

It binds all organs, muscles, joints, and tissues together for a solid body structure. The term collagen came from the Greek word, kola, which means ‘glue.’

But, what does it do and why is it important? Over the years, there are various nutritional supplements for healthier collagen. Why?

What is collagen and what does it do?

Collagen is a protein to bind the skin, bones, and ligaments to provide a supportive structure in the body. There are four types of collagen and has various functions:

Collagen Type I. This collagen accounts for 90% of the body and is made of dense fibers to provide structure to skin, bones, and connective tissue, etc.

Collagen Type II. These are loosed fibers among the elastic cartilage which serves as protection for your joints.

Collagen Type III. This provides structure to the organs, arteries, and muscles.

Collagen Type IV. Found within the skin, collagen makes it firm and supple, while slowing down the signs of aging.

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Benefits of Collagen

You’ve probably heard of collagen-rich supplements in capsule forms and beauty products. While it’s mostly known to firming your skin and reducing signs of aging in the face, it also has other benefits essential for your body, too.

Collagen is best consumed with the advice of your doctor. That way, you can reap the benefits we’ve listed to you down below.

Improves skin elasticity

Perhaps the biggest benefit of collagen is its anti-aging properties to make the skin firm and supple. Consumed collagen supplements provide faster and better results for skin hydration, moisturizing, and firmness.

Relieves back, muscle, and joint pain

Collagen supports the muscle, back, and a joint pack of the body, thus, increasing recovery time when these groups become sore. This protein will also slow down the deterioration of the muscle groups and prevent arthritis.

Healthy stomach and gut organs

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and poor gut conditions will benefit from collagen to ease inflammation, stomach and gut fatigue, and irritation. This allows healthy passage of nutrients from the stomach to the bloodstream for a healthier body.

Helps healthy growth of nails and hair

As mentioned earlier, collagen is a protein to provide healthy support and structure of the body. Those taking collagen also reaped the benefits of stronger nail and hair growth because it metabolizes the proteins and helps glue the nutrients together.

Supports tendon and bone strength

Collagen works well with calcium and Vitamin D to provide support and structure to the tendons and bones. When fibers tend to be stronger, they serve as cushions to protect these tendons from external injury.

Remember to take it safely!

When taking collagen supplements, remember to talk about it to your doctor. Always take the recommended dosage to avoid an overdose. You can supplement your collagen intake with Vitamin C, biotin, copper, and proline-rich foods to boost the protein’s work in the body!

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